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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

a peek inside Lucy's nature journal

Nature is a big part of our lives and as Lucy gets older, we are having so much fun sharing and teaching about the world around her! One of our favorites activities is documenting and creating in a nature journal.
After a trip the Oregon Coast Aquarium, we came home with tons of inspiration and lots of curiosity about all kinds of creature but Lucy's favorite were the jellyfish.

A few tips for keeping a kid's nature journal:

1. Use everyday activities (walks, playing outside, outings) for learning opportunities. From animals and insects to leaves to flowers and weather, we always like to be on the look out for opportunities to learn and observe nature.

2. Incorporate art with learning. Lucy (like me) absorbs information when she is creating so we like to work on creative tasks (like drawing and painting what we've observed) with writing and journaling exercises.

3. We like to work side by side. I also keep a nature journal and it's really fun to spend time creating, talking and working through our observations together.

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