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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

flower rings

I love finding ways to create unique jewelry and now that Lucy is older, I love creating cute little accessories for her. To be honest, this fun ring project started out for Lucy but I loved them so much that I made some for myself!

Oven bake clay (or polymer clay) is so much fun because it is so versatile. It is also one of my favorites for making colorful jewelry. 

Begin by selecting a few different colors of polymer clay.

Roll them out, press and sculpt into the shape of flower petals.

Press those petals together.

Continue to create petals and stack them on top of each other.

I created a variety of different flowers in different colors and shapes.

Bake the clay in the oven according to the directions.

While the flowers look great simple, I love using acrylic paint to add details to the polymer clay. 
Last, glue the clay flowers to ring back. I like using E6000 glue.
These rings are so cute, whimsical and perfect for anyone wanting accessories with a little color!

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