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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

art journaling in the wild with mary

There�s something about summertime that always gets my wanderlust heart aching to explore + adventure + just get out of normal routine. Fields of wildflowers, the sounds of crickets and rushing creek water, sunsets and full moons, cool night breezes and wide-open roads�hello inspiration!

Whether we are exploring our own backyard, or road tripping across the state- if there�s one thing I must bring with me, it is a small bag of art journaling supplies! Just the essentials�but enough to let my soul out to play, record, and document beauty + inspiration as we journey. 

Bringing my art journal along on our adventures really helps me to slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds. It is the surest way to re-fill the inspiration tank and come home with new ideas and a refreshed spirit.

Before I became a mama, I used to bring a TON of art supplies with me. But these days, juggling diaper bags and snacks and of course, the baby(!) has really made me identify which supplies I can live without. It is so incredibly freeing to create with just a few favorite supplies!

I like to keep mini stamps, tiny pots of acrylic paint, paintbrushes, a brayer, pens, pencils, glue, and washi tape in my bag. It may take you a few trips to decide exactly what works for you, and that�s okay!

The next time you�re packing your bags for an adventure, I encourage you to bring along some of your favorite art journaling supplies, and create in the wild. A sunny meadow, a riverbank, beside the ocean, on the forest floor � or even in the passenger seat of your car! Tag us in your photos so we can see you in action!

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