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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight

Ok so let me just swoon over how much I adore Paula!  She's the uber fit, super chic girl behind the blog From Fries to Fit and she knows the importance of training hard, eating healthy yet still indulging in the occasional naughty treat.  Paula really shares it ALL on her blog, everything from low carb recipes, workout tips and ideas to style tips and motivational posts for you to get out and be active!  She recently did her first 10k race, competed in her first Spartan Sprint and plans to get her Zumba certification next month.  Starting this blog has changed her for the better and now she wants to share all those tips and tricks with you, so head on over and check her out!

I can't tell you how much I adore Miss Gina.  Not only is she sweet as pie, but her blog Vibrant Bean follows her life as a vegan where she shares her favorite recipes as well as her love for travel and life in general.  Speaking of!  She just so happens to be on a month long trip through Central America right now and has been posting fun updates, gorgeous pictures and all the delicious food along the way!  Um jealous??  So make sure to check out Gina's blog and swoon over her life in the process!


Meet Erika.  She is the gorgeous wife and momma behind the fabulous blog Southern Souffle!  Inspired by her sweet grandmother, she was taught to cook at a very young age and the love that she puts into every dish is truly evident in each recipe she shares.  Not only did her grandmother teach her how to cook, but she instilled love, laughter and every little thing in between.  She now puts that love into her two precious kiddos who taste test and approve everything she puts on her blog!  So head on over and check out Miss Erika and her adorable family, I know you'll just love her as much as I do!

You may remember Miss Heidi from the blog Young Grasshopper, but she has a second blog that I think everyone will love!  It's called BaryFly 101 and literally has every cocktail you can imagine!  And no these aren't just Heidi's signature recipes, you can log in yourself and share your own delicious concoctions!  Best part is, her website makes it oh so easy to find any drink recipe simply by typing in any ingredient.  And yes, virgin drinks are on there too all you mommys-to-be!  So head on over to Heidi's virtual bar and live a little, it's always 5:00 somewhere!


Heather is the writer behind the blog Morning Glory which is truly such a joy to read because she is the best story teller!  As a senior journalism major and editor of her campus newspaper, Heather knows a thing or two about writing which is evident in each post she shares.  You can expect to read about her travels, passions, life as a college student and so much more.  She's completely relatable and super funny, I know you'll just adore her personality!  So head on over and check out Heather's fabulous blog, you will thank me later.

 Happy Friday!
Hope you enjoy reading all about these wonderful ladies and their blogs!

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