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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stamped Spoons & Lovely Stoneware

One of the things I love most about blogging are the sweet friends I have made along the way.  Not only are these friends simply fabulous to get to know, but they are super talented as well!  For instance, I just so happened to receive these little gems in my mailbox last week...

Incredible, no??

Adorable stamped spoons that can't help but make you smile anytime you use them along with a stunning mint colored stoneware coffee mug completely handmade and big enough to eat my morning oatmeal in!  I was in pure heaven and just had to share with you the ladies behind these beautiful creations.

Yes, these are the talented ladies behind the items shown to you above and their shops are definitely worth mentioning!

Jessica is the owner of Jessica N Designs which creates gorgeous hand-stamped keepsakes, everything from vintage spoons to jewelry to even stunning wedding gifts.  As a mommy to Brooklyn, Lofton and Lucy while married to her high school sweetheart Brooks, Jessica is living the life of her dreams all the while loving Jesus, coffee, good books and vintage!  You can get to know her a little better and see what goes on behind the scenes here on her blog!

Natalie is the owner of NS Pottery which specializes in functional wheel-thrown pottery and jewelry, all made with durable stoneware clay.  When Natalie isn't busy creating, she enjoys being in the kitchen and garden, spending time outdoors and snuggling with her beloved dog Buster.  You can find out more about Natalie here on her blog!

 I can't even begin to describe what an exciting combination this is.  With Jessica's fabulous hand-stamped spoons and Natalie's larger than life stoneware mugs, not only is you're morning coffee routine absolutely necessary, but it can now be shabby chic and enjoyable! Oh and if it's not obvious, they make perfect gifts too.

Best part??  These generous ladies are offering all my readers a 15% discount from either shop simply by entering the discount code SKINNY!  Now you have NO excuse to pass these up.

Here are those shops again:

Happy shopping girls and thanks again to Jessica and Natalie for your talent and generosity!

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