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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight

Ladies you are going to just love Lindsey's blog L Silver Style!  This site is for the every girl who loves affordable fashion, healthy (and easy!) recipes, fitness tips, decorating ideas and fun DIY projects...even for the not so crafty.  Whether she posts about her new favorite hairstyle or delicious low-cal breakfast, Lindsey shares it with enthusiasm and passion that is super addicting to her readers.  So please take the time to visit L Silver Style, you can thank me later!

Meet Rachel.  She and her blog The Pescetarian and the Pig are the epitome of inspiration - girlfriend lost 80 pounds simply by healthy eating alone and shares with you her favorite recipes!  Everything is completely original from pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan to healthy meals, snacks and even decadent desserts.  Now working as an actress and model in Charlotte, you can also expect to find her adorable pot belly pig, Cupcake, as well as her four ducks, Peanut, Butter, Jelly and Banana Sandwich - I like her already.  You may even see her and her little mini farm on YouTube!  So head on over and check out her blog!

Kylie is the adorable 23 year old behind the blog Being is Beautiful which she started to inspire all walks of life to live a life of self-love and balance.  She believes that with a healthy mind, faith, nutrition and fitness, everyone can reach their goal of becoming their best self.  Kylie is encouraging, motivating and literally sweet as pie!  She shares recipes, fitness tips and another fun fact is she also has an identical twin sister whom she refers to as her "built-in best friend!"  I just adore her way of life and I think you will too, so please head over and say hello!

Sweet Katie writes for KTJ Weighing In which is an inspirational and motivational blog following her journey on losing weight through Weight Watchers.  You'll find her favorite recipesweekly weigh-ins to keep herself accountable, as well as new fitness goals that make me want to get off the couch and work my booty!  She sure has come a long way in such a short amount of time and I love that she encourages others to do the same!  Please head over and meet Miss Katie, maybe she'll inspire you today!

Rachel is the sweetheart behind the blog The Truth About Vinyl and Bikini Tops (cute name, huh??) and she truly has something for everyone on this little blog of hers!  From delicious recipes and DIY projects to fashion tips, fun travel stories and all things healthy living.  She's a girl after my own heart!  And did I mention?  She lives with her sweet hubby in one of my favorite cities, Boston!  So head on over and check out Rachel's fabulous blog, you'll just adore her! 

Happy Friday lovelies!  I PROMISE to have a slue of new recipes next week as well as my highly requested meal plan that y'all saw on Instagram yesterday.  Things are just so busy, busy, busy that it seems hard to keep up at times, but I love that the warm weather is coming out which I think just makes me a happier person all around!
Wouldn't you agree??
Enjoy the weekend friends!

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