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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight

I can't even begin to tell you how much you will simply adore Cara from the blog The Champagne Diet.  With her mantra being "live your most effervescent life" Cara believes in eating healthy, working out and always saving room for a glass of the bubbly.  The word champagne is her way of expressing how she learned to enjoy life, even embracing her flaws, which is something i think all women should learn about!  She's also a published author, her first book Sparkle being a #1 hit on Amazon while her second book is currently in the works.  So I hope you enjoy reading about Cara and how she learned to live life to the fullest, one glass of champagne at a time!


Meet Erin.  She is the absolute sweetheart behind Read Eat Create which truly has all my favorite things in ONE single blog!  Do you like to cook?  Check.  Are you an avid reader looking for some new book ideas?  Check.  Do you have a secret obsession with Gossip Girl and enjoy the fact that you're not the only one...double check!  Erin's blog has a little something for everyone and she always puts her own personal style into each post she writes.  She also recently started a 365 Project where each day she shares a new picture from her home each day...yep you guessed it, for 365 days!  So join in on all the fun and check out her fabulous blog!

Julie is the writer behind the yummy food blog Please Pass the Ketchup which she started as a way to showcase all her favorite recipes in one space.  Only having her blog under two years, Julie has grown so much in the cooking world and you can expect to find healthy treats as well as indulgent desserts - the best of both worlds!  Best part is, she keeps the recipes as easy as possible so that anyone can whip up her deliciousness!  In fact I'm planning on making her macarons this weekend, yum!


Raven is the uber-gorgeous, super snarky, absolutely hilarious writer behind the blog Don't Quote the Raven.  As a mom of two kiddos and a self-proclaimed day drinker, Raven talks about REAL life - the highs, the lows and even having a crush on Judge Judy.  Yep, her words not mine.  Raven's blog is simply one-of-a-kind and I promise she will have you laughing at your desk while all your co-workers stare at you.  Definitely guilty of that.  But don't take my word for it, head on over and say hello yourself!

Dara is the super sweet 20-something girl behind Generation Y Foodie who is a lawyer by day and foodie by night!  Based out of Boston, her love for blogging came about because she wanted to put to rest the assumption that our generation doesn't even know how to boil water and resorts to take-out all the time.  Sure this might be true from time to time, but the majority of us love cooking!  Don't you just love her approach??  You can also find her fabulous cookbook here!

Happy Friday lovelies!

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