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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

So the time is finally here and I'm no more prepared than I was the last time my brother left.  I'm heading back down to Camp Lejeune today to say goodbye to my brother for 8 months while he and his brothers continue to fight this war in Afghanistan.  I hope everyone watched the debate last night because this election might be the most important one this country has ever had.  I can't express to you enough the importance of getting out there to VOTE!  Anyway, while I'm gone I have some inspiring ladies to share with you!


Jin is the super fit and fabulous writer behind the blog Jin Fitness and lemme tell you...she sure is inspiring!  Sharing workout tips, healthy recipes and showing off her own personal style, Jin's blog really has something for everyone and has become one of my personal favs!  I mean how could you not love recipes such as this or the latest workout gear so you can look super fab while getting your run on?  I know...LOVE.  So head on over and check out her blog, I can guarantee you'll make a great new friend in the process!


 Ok so you are just going to adore Miss Lindsey and her beautiful family!  She's the creator behind the fabulous blog Pillow Thoughts and has seriously become one of my daily reads!  Born and raised in the south, Lindsey's blog encompasses lifestyle, photography, fashion and her adorable little one, all in one place!  She truly does have something for everyone and I know you'll just make the sweetest friend in the process!  Go check her out and become a new follower immediately!


Meet the adorable Lauren from the Part Time Housewife.  Her blog shares deliciously healthy recipes and even has the the nutritional information for each one including weight watchers points!  She also shares step-by-step photo instructions so that even you beginners can make these easy peasy!  With her love of running combined with her love of cooking, Lauren's blog is the perfect go-to when you need a little healthy inspiration.  She's even launching "All Things Pumpkin" beginning on October 19th where other bloggers can link up their favorite recipes, brilliant if you ask me!  So head on over because I know you won't want to miss out on all things healthy and delicious! 


I'm super excited to introduce this next girl to you!  April is the sweetheart behind the fabulous food blog Food 'N Focus which was created as a way for her to share her love of cooking and photography all in one place.  Food 'N Focus was born after a gorgeous trip to Paris where she was introduced to the beauty that truly IS food all behind the lens of her camera.  As a busy person concerned with health, her focus is creating recipes that can be made quickly while still being low in calories.  And don't worry, you can also be sure to find some indulgent recipes on her blog from time to time...I mean who doesn't love a good splurge?!  So check out Miss April and her recipes, I guarantee you'll be as much a fan as I am!

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Please pray for all the troops overseas right now fighting for our country and that they can all make it home safely!

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