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Thursday, October 25, 2012

House Love

So as most of you already know, I'm in the process of having my first home built (yay!) and to say it's a lengthy process would be quite the understatement.  I decided in late spring that I wanted to definitely buy, but when I started looking at everything in my price range, I realized I could have a beautiful NEW home built for the price of some of these older ones.  Living in a little one bedroom apartment for 5 years now, I've been dreaming of the day when I can cook in a big spacious kitchen or work in my very own office and even paint my own walls.  So you can bet once I decided to build, I started planning everything out!
Um thank you Pinterest.
Unfortunately I don't really have too much of a fun house update yet other than they'll be starting the drywall this weekend, but I wanted to share my "dream" house and ideas with you all so far!  Yes I know this is a cooking blog, but it's also my little space where I can share my life and things that I enjoy so why not??  Plus who doesn't love a good home decor post!
Here is the inside of the house so far!
 You can find these photos and more if you follow me on Instagram (yes my other obsession), but what you're seeing above is one room looking into my kitchen and the other looking into my living room!  I'm just swooning over all the windows this house has and I'll finally have some light for my photography!
Anyway, thanks to the magic that is Pinterest, I pretty much have every room in my house planned out along with color schemes, details and a list of future to-do projects...yes I'll be attempting my own wainscoting.  So here's a little sneak peek into some ideas I have for my house...ladies I know you'll appreciate this.
I'm just loving the look of white kitchens, marble counter tops, industrial light fixtures, stainless steel and pops of color with pretty flowers.  I literally think I could quit my job and become a full-time cook if I had these kitchens, they're simply stunning!  I also went with a double oven so I can get even more recipes out to you!

I'm a HUGE fan of neutral colors in rooms with lots of light.  These rooms just feel so cozy and are places where I could curl up every night with a glass of wine and a good book.  As always I love fresh flowers and the little details on the tables...I'm in heaven!  I will be going with this tan sectional in our living room with a built-in media center.  We'll spend most of our time in this room so I definitely want it to be comfortable, while still being pretty.

My office is a room that I've literally been planning since before I even knew I wanted to buy a house.  I work on my computer a lot and have been wanting a pretty space where I can not only get stuff done, but a place to go to be by myself and feel girly.  I purchased this desk months ago and have basically designed the room around it.  I just adore all the pastel colors and white-on-white!  I'm looking forward to typing my first blog post while sitting in my lovely girly space.




Once again I basically chose to decorate this room around one item...this GORGEOUS chandelier from West Elm.  I saw this months ago and bought it specifically for my new house and can't wait until I can hang it, it's just stunning!  I've seen a lot of other people use it too and it just adds such a feminine touch and elegance to such a big space, no?  I also have my tables and chairs picked out as well, maybe we'll actually have sit-down-dinners now!  One can hope.

Well thanks for letting me share with you all my ideas, details and visions for my new home!  I'm dreaming of the day when I have it completed and can give you a complete walkthrough of the finished product!  Until then, you can check out my Pinterest page for ALL my favorites and pretty spaces!

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