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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Happy Friday!  I sure have some amazing ladies to introduce to y'all and I also wanted to let you know I'm still currently accepting sponsors for October!  There are limited spots available so feel free to email me at for more information or visit my sponsor page here!


K & K Test Kitchen is written by a mother-daughter duo which was born out of their love for cooking and experimenting with different recipes.  Being close with my mom myself, I just love the idea of sharing family recipes and cooking together!  Kelsey is a 20-something economist while Kim is a hockey wife and fabulous mother, combined they make one amazing team in the kitchen and their recipes range everywhere from the healthiest to the most indulgent.  Truly something for everyone!  I am a firm believer that the kitchen brings families together and this blog couldn't make this more apparent!


Miss Brianne is the super sweet girl behind the blog For the Love of Food and Eating.  Living in New York City with her fiance and crazy adorable pups, Brianne loves all things food and considers cooking her passion after being inspired by chefs such as Rachel Ray.  She started her blog in the hopes of inspiring others to start cooking themselves and lemme tell you, she has some really good recipes!  When Brianne's not blogging about delicious food, she's working on launching her own catering business as well as planning her summer wedding!  So head on over and see how this gorgeous girl does it all while staying healthy in the process!


Tammy is the adorable face behind the blog Lemon, Avocados and the Bay
and shares her life with her sweet boyfriend in their beach bungalow while simply living the dream.  And the name you ask??  Well the lemon and avocado trees growing in their backyard are considered their good luck charms and serve as sweet reminders that there is always light at the end of the tunnel!  You can read more about that sweet story here.  So make sure to visit Tammy and follow along as she shares her life, loves and the occasional recipe, you'll just adore her!


 Meet Jackie.  She is the fun, fit and fabulous FREE beach body coach behind her site Jackie Lauver and should be your go-to for all things workout related!  Between her workout programs, nutritional information and sharing her own personal journey, Jackie knows just how to jump start your fitness routine to help you get on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.  She's also giving away a free Shakeology Shaker Cup and trial to anyone who her emails her at! Isn't she just the sweetest??  So head on over and check out Miss Jackie NOW!


You are just going to adore Danielle from Clean Food Creative Fitness.  Living in Boston with a degree in Applied Nutrition, Danielle focuses on all things gluten-free and paleo!  She also just so happens to be a Crossfitter, group fitness instructor and a personal health coach...girlfriend seriously does it all!  You'll also really love Danielle's recipes, they're all deliciously healthy and something anyone can incorporate into their diet.  My favorites would have to be her paleo pop tarts and post-workout pumpkin cookies!  So you should definitely check out Clean Food Creative Fitness, you'll thank me later!


 You may remember Miss Heidi from the blog Young Grasshopper, but she has a second blog that I think everyone will love!  It's called BaryFly 101 and literally has every cocktail you can imagine!  And no these aren't just Heidi's signature recipes, you can log in yourself and share your own delicious concoctions!  Best part is, her website makes it oh so easy to find any drink recipe simply by typing in any ingredient.  And yes, virgin drinks are on there too all you mommys-to-be!  So head on over to Heidi's virtual bar and live a little, it's always 5:00 somewhere!


Dara is the super sweet 20-something girl behind Generation Y Foodie who is a lawyer by day and foodie by night!  Based out of Boston, her love for blogging came about because she wanted to put to rest the assumption that our generation doesn't even know how to boil water and resorts to take-out all the time.  Sure this might be true from time to time, but the majority of us love cooking!  Don't you just love her approach??  You can also find her fabulous cookbook here!


Thanks for checking out these wonderful ladies!
Happy Friday!

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