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Friday, August 24, 2012

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I must admit, I'm reeeeally looking forward to this weekend.

Chris is away at a bachelor party so that means I have the whole weekend to myself...therefore I'm getting that much-needed mani/pedi I've been holding off on for awhile now, I'm drinking one or two more glasses of wine than I normally do and catching up on the latest chick flicks I've missed out on.  Scandalous, I know.  I also want to give a HUGE congratulations to my dear friend Casey Wiegand who just had her baby this week!!  She is absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be more happy for her adorable family.


Melissa from Cupcakes OMG! is probably one of the most fun and snarky bloggers I've ever met, not to mention gorgeous!  Based out of DC (and practically my neighbor), she focuses mainly on paleo recipes, but you can bet she'll dangle the occasional cupcake in front of you.  She also shares her life, funny stories that literally had me laughing out loud in my office forcing people to turn and stare at me, and you can also expect to find some fabulous fashion tips that are easy and budget-friendly.  So head on over and visit Miss Melissa and I can guarantee you'll have a permanent smile for the rest of the day!  



Allow me to introduce to you Miss Ashley from the fabulous blog Sweetpea Lifestyle.  If you love all things pink, girly, enjoy making a craft or two or are even just looking for some delicious recipes to make this weekend, Ashley's blog is your absolute go-to!  When she's not journaling the world around her through her gorgeous photography, you'll most likely find her preparing a brunch or dinner for her closest friends or even cooking her way through Ina Garten's cookbook!  You should pretty much consider her the hostess with the most-est!  So head on over and visit this self-proclaimed cookbook addict and see for yourself why I adore her so much!

Chelsea's story is one that touched my heart SO much and one that I'm truly passionate about sharing.  Her blog Adventures with my Enemy Melanoma is her personal battle with Stage III Melanoma and how she became one of the biggest promoters of skin cancer awareness.  Living in Virginia and being in her mid-twenties, I felt a real connection with Chelsea and have never met someone with such strength and determination!  She was even recently invited to speak at The Skin Cancer Foundation's Gala this October in New York City which was hosted last year by Katie Couric!  Remember girls, NO tan is a healthy a tan!  And pictures truly are worth a thousand she is going through her second round of surgery, but always keeps a smile on her face.

Just like Chelsea's story, Lulu is also a Malignant Melanoma survivor and writes for the amazing blog Berry Diaries.  As a South African Physiotherapist living in London, Lulu has certainly traveled all over and is now on a campaign to live a happy and healthier life now that she is cancer-free.  You can expect to find lots of delicious recipes as well as information about healthy living and skin cancer awareness.  Miss Lulu actually e-mailed me almost every day when I was first diagnosed and is one of the most helpful and sweetest people I've ever talked to!  So please head over and become a new follower of the Berry Diaries, you'll be so glad you did!

Ok so you are just going to adore the stunning Kymberly from the blog XO Kym!  She first started her blog while sharing her experiences living across the pond in Germany and it has slowly developed into a creative outlet where she shares her favorite recipes, DIY projects, health tips, beauty finds and so much more!  As a legit hockey wife, they have moved at least six times in the past five years and their next move is a big surprise which her hubby's team will be announce this season!  So follow along with Kym as she shares her exciting life as a newlywed, writer, expert DIYer and lover of all things girly! 

Hope you all enjoy these gorgeous ladies and their blogs!
Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow when I sign for my new house!!!

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