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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight!

Happy Friday lovelies!!  Lemme just tell you how excited I am for this upcoming three-day weekend.  My brother comes home for a whole month since this will be his pre-deployment leave (sad face), we have tons of cookouts planned and we're going shopping for new furniture since there will be tons of Labor Day sales!  Seriously anytime I have an excuse to go shopping, you know I'm going to take advantage....the addiction is bad.  Now allow me to introduce you to some fabulous ladies and their gorgeous blogs!


Karli's blog Health Confessions is truly inspirational.  Once a girl struggling with her own weight, she met and married the man of her dreams who just so happened to be a personal trainer and became a health coach herself!  Not only does she share her own personal story, but she also posts healthy recipes, fabulous workout tips and even tons of personal success stories from regular people who have changed their lives.  So if you're looking for that little boost to get yourself motivated, look no further because Karli can whip you into shape and I bet you'll have fun in the process!


Little Miss Ashlee is the adorable wife and momma behind the blog ABpetite.  Inspired by her love for cooking, she started this blog to share her favorite recipes that are not only healthy, but are geared towards shaping your body, especially your abs!  Ashlee also shares all the nutritional information for each recipe including Weight Watchers points (which is something you know I love!) and each week I bet you'll even find a new helpful workout to add to your routine.  So head on over to ABpetite for some delicious recipes and fun posts! 


  Ok so I have a real sweetheart to introduce to you today!  Kristina, who writes for the fabulous blog Whipped, is a girl after my own heart.  Basically she's a health nut who LOVES sweets!  Doesn't get much better than that, right??  Living in Chicago, she loves to try out new recipes and play around with photography.  Recently she teamed up with her best friend from college, who just so happens to be a registered dietician, to help bump up the nutrition power on her sinfully delicious sweets and put a healthy spin on her blog for practical everyday health.  I just know you'll love Miss Kristina as much as I do!   


Meet Dana.  She is the incredibly adorable girl behind the blog Let's Meet For Lunch and has some seriously delicious recipes!  I mean lets take a second and look at her s'more cookies or even her mini apple pies, I'm already salivating over my keyboard.  As a southern girl, you can expect to find a wide variety of recipes, everything from the healthiest dish to the most indulgent!  She also shares organizational tips, home cleaning ideas and even fun DIY projects!  So head on over to sweet Dana's blog and become just as addicted as I have!


You are just going to love Miss Heidi!  She's a mother, wife, lawyer, cooking extraordinaire and also just so happens to write for the blog Young Grasshopper.  Heidi is probably one of the most fun-loving people I've ever talked to and lemme tell you, home girl loves some cocktails! SO much that aside from her current blog, which is full of delicious recipes, she started a new site called Barfly 101 that has every cocktail you can imagine!  So while I'm swooning over which delicious beverage I'm going to make tonight, head on over and check out Heidi's fabulous blog!


So there you go, 5 new best friends.

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