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Friday, July 27, 2012

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Notice anything different??

Yep I gave my bloggy a little facelift, you know, just because we all need a new look every now and then.  A HUGE thank you to Shay Bocks for designing me a fabulous new header, I just adore it!  I wanted something simple and clean with a cute whimsical feel and she definitely delivered.  One of these days I plan on undergoing and entire new blog design, but for now I'm really happy with what I've got.  So happy Friday folks and while you're here, check out these sweet girls and their lovely blogs!


This is Erin.  Yes Living in Yellow Erin whose blog has become my newest obsession.  She's gorgeous, super funny, has fabulous taste in clothing and is the kind of person you WISH you knew in real life because you know y'all would be best friends.  I mean girlfriend hosts her own martini club!  If that doesn't make you love her already I really don't know what will.  Oh...well maybe the fact that her and Giuliana Rancic are BFFs, yep you read that correctly.  So head on over to the lovely Erin's blog to meet the girl you wish was your best friend!

Rachel is the sweetheart behind the blog The Truth About Vinyl and Bikini Tops (cute name, huh??) and she truly has something for everyone on this little blog of hers!  From delicious recipes and DIY projects to fashion tips, fun travel stories and all things healthy living.  She's a girl after my own heart!  And did I mention?  She lives with her sweet hubby in one of my favorite cities, Boston!  So head on over and check out Rachel's fabulous blog, you'll just adore her! 

Ok so confession.  I just adore Miss Jessica of Lovely Little Things!  Not only is her blog design one of my absolute favorites, but girlfriend is a fitness guru!!  Umm have you seen her abs??  Her sweat-inducing workout is literally my go-to when I need some inspiration and she's even working towards being a fitness trainer herself!  But workouts aren't the only thing you'll find on her fabulous blog, be prepared to fall in love with her adorable outfit posts and super yummy recipes!  You're welcome.

Destini is the lovely face behind the blog The Healthy Wife and her title pretty much summarizes what her blog is all about!  As a recent newlywed to her sweet hubby who loves to cook, Destini shares delicious recipes that not only are delicious, but good for you too!  She also has a lot of vegan recipes as well.  She's a self-proclaimed nerd and die hard sports fan and I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends if she didn't live all the way in Canada.  So check out Miss Destini's blog and start trying some of her yummy dishes, I know her watermelon mint quinoa is first on my list! 

Miss Nicole is the absolutely adorable girl behind the blog Our Crazy Beautiful.  A midwest gal with dreams of the west coast, Nicole documents her life as a sweet momma to her adorable 11-month old sidekick!  She has a love for all things fashion, DIY, as well as design which she squeezes in during her little one's nap time.  She even has her own design studio offering super cute affordable blog designs!!  You don't want to miss out on Nicole and her fabulous blog, she is definitely a girl everyone can relate to, especially me! 

 So there ya go, 5 new best friends.

You're welcome.

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